OFN-02 neonatal phototherapy irradiator


The OFN-02 neonatal phototherapy irradiator is intended for the effective treatment of jaundice in newborns without the use of additional medications in the obstetrics institutions, perinatal Centres, specialized Centres and the Research Institutes for Maternal and ChildHealth. On the totality of medical indicators, OFN-02 significantly exceeds the corresponding characteristics of lamp irradiators.

The principle of the irradiator operation is based on irradiating the baby's skin with light radiation in the spectral range of 450-500 nm (blue radiation), which leads to a decrease in the concentration of bilirubin in the blood.


  • Absence of adverse side effects inherent to lamp light sources
  • The time for irradiation of the baby is reduced by half
  • Long service life of the irradiator
  • 2 operating modes
  • Noiseless operation
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Portability, the possibility of placing directly above the incubator bed
  • May be completed with a rack
  • Large area of useful radiation


Spectral range of light radiation
450-500 nm
The spectral density of radiation power at a distance of 460 mm from the protective glass:
not less than 40 μW / cm²nm
not less than 20 μW / cm²nm
Continuous operation time
more than 72 hours.
Time to enter into operating mode
less than 10 sec
Effective irradiation area
300х220 mm
Overall dimensions of:
the light with rack
329х442х60 mm
the light without rack
308х308х68 mm
the rack
698х575х(1,173-1,523) mm

the irradiator without rack
1,2 kg
the irradiator with rack
10,5 kg
Power Consumption
30 V·А
Safety class