ZNDS-4 Stop at intersection

ZNDS-4 Stop at intersection LED road sign


The road sign is designed for road safety on the streets and roads.

It is used to inform drivers on roads, parking lots with ordinary and artificial lighting.


  • Retroreflective applique allows to recognize the sign in the daytime and in the dark, even in the event of a power outage;
  • The photo relay availability is possible to automatically turn on and off the glow of the sign depending on the level of outside illumination;
  • Absence of blinding effect
  • High energy efficiency;
  • Combination of neutral materials provides high corrosion resistance;
  • Antivandal protection;
  • Uniform glow of the sheet.


The sign is mounted on the support with the help of brackets, the angle of the sign is fixed by fasteners.

Type of light source

Light emitting diodes


Lighting parameters
Complies with GOST R 52290-2004
Supply voltage, V
Rated frequency, Hz
Power consumption, W
below 35
Degree of protection
Protection class against electric shock
Operating temperature range, 0С
from -40ºС to +45ºС
3 years
Service life
5 years