Multifunctional device for inhalation anesthesia for adults and children (MAIA-01)


It is designed for inhalation anesthesia in surgical procedures with the provision of artificial ventilation and monitoring of various parameters.


  • Versatility: suitable for patients of different ages
  • The presence of an electronic dosimeter for 4 gases
  • Ability to work with reversible and non-reversible breathing circuits
  • Large selection of ventilation modes
  • The ability to be equipped with a patient monitor
  • Battery operated (60 min)


  • nitrous oxide  (N2O); 
  • isoflurane (Iso);
  • sevoflurane (Sev);
  • xenon (Xe).
Ventilation Modes
  • volume control ventilation (VCV)
  • pressure control ventilation (PCV)
  • periodic inflating of the lungs "VZDOH" (VCV+Sigh)
  • positive pressure at the end of expiration (PEEP electronic)
  • pressure support ventilation (PSV)
  • apnea ventilation (VCV + Apn)
  • synchronized periodic ventilation (pSIMV+PSV и vSIMV+PSV);
Spontaneous breathing (Spont)
Manual ventilation (Manual)

Parameters on the integrated monitor screen
  • pressure (Р),
  • РЕЕР,
  • respiratory volume
  • frequency of ventilation,
  • Fin O2,
  • Fin Хе
Parameters on the patient parameter monitor screen (optional)
  • saturation of arterial blood with oxygen (SpO2);
  • pulse rate (PR);
  • heart rate  (HR);
  • breathing rate (RR);
  • N2O concentration on inhalation and expiration;
  • concentration of vapors of liquid anesthetics on inhalation and expiration;
  • minimal alveolar concentration of vapors of liquid anesthetic (MAC);
  • СОcontent on inhalation and expiration;
  • blood pressure, non-invasive (NIBP: SYS/DIA/Mean);
  • body temperature of the patient (T);