Respiratory humidifier TEVLAR


Heating and moistening of the respiratory mixture coming to the patient from the artificial lung ventilation apparatus (ALVA), inhalation anesthesia (IA) device or oxygen inhaler.


  • Automatic maintenance of the temperature and humidity parameters of the respiratory mixture selected by the doctor at the outlet of the supply hose (in the patient) in a wide range of minute ventilation
  • Autonomous channels for controlling the temperature and moisture content of the respiratory mixture
  • Indication on the digital display of the set and measured temperature at the outlet of the supply hose
  • Availability of a spiral duct made of a porous metal in the evaporation chamber (tank) reduces the degree of water heating (below 65 °С), increases the reliability and convenience of operation
  • Signaling about the overheating of the respiratory mixture and disturbances in operation
  • Simple maintenance, small size and weight make it possible to effectively apply this model together with any lung ventilation devices, IA and oxygen inhalers


Overall dimensions (width ∙ length ∙ height)
145х175х195 mm
2.7 kg
Tank connection holes
22 mm
The maximum volume of water poured into the tank (included)
250 ml
Supply hose outlet temperature range
from 25 °С to 45 °С
Relative humidity
Either 75%;
Or 100 %
Range of respiratory mixture flow
from 2 to 50 l/min
The duration of reaching a temperature of 33 °C and a relative humidity of 85% at the outlet of the supply hose (at an ambient temperature of at least 20 °C and a flow of the respiratory mixture to 30 l/min)
not more than 20 min
Application environment: ambient temperature range
from 15 °С to 35 °С