IDN-02 Intensive Care incubator for Newborns


The IDN-02 Intensive Care incubator for Newborns is intended for nursing and effective resuscitation of premature and weakened children in departments of pathology of newborns, resuscitation departments, intensive care wards of specialized medical institutions.

The IDN-02 Intensive Care incubator consists of a pediatric module with double walls and a transport trolley for free movement. IDN-02 provides uniform distribution of heat inside the pediatric compartment, humidification of air and oxygen supply during therapy.


  • Built-in scales
  • Lifting mechanism
  • Tilt mechanism of the pediatric module (Trendelenburg function)
  • Infusion rack
  • Humidifier
  • Sound alarm in case of emergency deviations from the specified modes; temperature, external power failure, sensor and fan faults
  • Double walls of the pediatric module
  • Transport trolley for free movement
  • 5 access windows to a newborn
  • It is possible to complete with a functional cape for children's couveuse


Temperature control inside the pediatric module
from 25 to 39°С
Temperature control by the baby's skin
from 34 to 39°С
Measurement pitch
Allowable error
Relative humidity control
from 60 to 85%
Oxygen concentration control
from 21 to 95%
Vertical movement (lifting) of the pediatric module
200 mm
Pediatric module angle of inclination
Continuous operation time
more than 72 hours
Sound level in the pediatric module
50 dBA
CO2 concentration in the module
below 0.4%
Safety class
Overall dimensions (height x width x length)
1,720х620х1,650 mm