ODN-01 Heater for newborns


The ODN-01 Heater for newborns is intended for compensation of heat losses in newborn children with hypothermia in the Mother and Child wards, intensive care units and pathology of newborns.

Areas of application include maternity hospitals, perinatal Centres, specialized Centres and research institutes for the protection of maternity and infancy, and children's hospitals that provide assistance to newborns.


  • It may be used both independently or in addition to other neonatal equipment
  • It allows keeping the contact of the mother and baby in the first days of the baby's life, and has two temperature control modes
  • Built-in alarm system
  • The possibility of changing the mattress covers - with the sides for fixing the child inside the mattress and without the sides for operating procedures


Temperature control range
from +35 °С to +39 °С
The maximum deviation of the mattress surface temperature from the average temperature
Alarm triggering - at temperature deviation
Continuous operation time
more than 72 hours.
Power Consumption
50 V·А
Mattress overall dimensions:
а) version 3170.10000000 (height x width x length)
20х410х555 mm
b) version 3170.10000000-01 (height x width x length)
20х600х760 mm
Overall dimensions of the control unit (height x width x length)
220х150х200 mm
а) version 3170.10000000
4 kg
b) version 3170.10000000-01
4.2 kg