Radiant heat - Bono

"Radiant heat - Bono" - Neonatal infrared heater


"Radiant heat", BONO series, is intended to be used as a primary or additional source of heat for newborns in the course of resuscitation, intensive care and nursing in maternity hospitals, perinatal Centres, specialized Centres and the Research Institutes for Maternal and Child Health. It provides heating of newborns during procedures conducted on changing tables.


  • 3 operating modes: preheating, manual and automatic modes.
  • 2 ways to set the phototherapy time: CLOCK, TIMER (countdown)
  • adjustment of heating power and intensity of phototherapy radiation
  • sound and visual alarm system
  • Active protection against overheating and fire in case of improper operation
  • vertical movement of the heater


Temperature control range
from 30 to 38 0C
Maximum level of the working field irradiance:
on the entire infrared spectrum
60 mW/cm²
in the near infrared spectrum range (760-1,400 nm)
10 mW/cm²
Spectral range of light radiation
430-530 nm
Noise level of the working area at a distance of 800 mm from the heater module during normal operation
below  60 dBA
The level of total radiation intensity for bilirubin at a distance of 800 mm from the protective glass of the heater at the Centre of the effective irradiation area:
3,800±700 μW / cm²
1,900±400 μW / cm²
The average value of the spectral density of the radiation intensity at a distance of 800 mm from the protective glass of the heater module for the radiation level:
36 μW /(cm²·nm)
18 μW /(cm²·nm)
The relative distribution of the total radiation intensity for bilirubin on the effective irradiation area
above 40
Safety class
Overall dimensions at the top / bottom position of the heater module
830/1,580 х 700 х 900 mm
15 kg