SNO Neonatal Table


It is provided for adaptation of newborns and care for them in maternity units, intensive care units and resuscitation departments for newborns, as well as restoration of their vital functions.


  • It provides for automatic adjustable heating of the child with infrared radiation and emergency oxygen therapy
  • The possibility of installing additional equipment for:
    • radiography
    • blood transfusions
    • dosed administration of medicinal solutions
    • heart massage
    • regulation of children's bed by height
  • Audiovisual alarm system


Temperature control range by the skin sensor
from +35 °С to +37.9 °С
Displayed temperature range
from +30 °С to +39.9 °С
Oxygen regulation range under the neonatal cover
40 - 95%
Maximum incline of the mattress
Angle of rotation of the heating module
Maximum density of infrared radiation
  • in the entire infrared spectrum range
  • in the near infrared spectrum range (760-1,400 nm)

60 мВт/см2

10 мВт/см2

Continuous operation time
72 hours
Overall dimensions
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
1,950 mm
710 mm
1,100 mm